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About us

The Burford Way

Recent events, such as Brexit and the global COVID-19 pandemic, along with their many consequences and knock-on effects, are challenging and testing businesses and organisations like never before. For many, the way forward will mean they need to transform in order to thrive, which can be complex and daunting. This is where Burford Solutions come in. 

We are a team of talented individuals with complementary specialisms who are all passionate about and dedicated to outsourcing excellence and business transformation. With more than 100 years of combined experience in the Global Outsourcing Industry, we’re a practical and hands-on team who share common values and understand what it takes to identify opportunities that will drive your business forwards. 

We believe in a fully collaborative approach, so will work closely with your business to fully outline our recommendations and implementation plan, providing guidance and advice at every step to ensure the required outcomes are met and exceeded. 

Our Team

Let us introduce you to our fabulous team.

Bruce MacLeod
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With extensive experience in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Customer Experience (CX) industries that spans more than two decades, Bruce has led some of the world’s largest outsourcing businesses, including Ventura, Vertext, Merchants (Dimension Data) and spearheaded the successful integration of Vertex and Ventura into Capita plc. Having sat on both the client’s side of the equation, as well as the outsourcing provider’s, on multiple occasions, Bruce has a unique and holistic understanding of the challenges and requirements of all parties, which makes him ideally placed to match the right BPO provider to the right client to ensure the best possible outcome. With a truly global outlook, Bruce has significant experience in the UK, South African, Indian and Australian markets and is an international speaker with a passion for people and socio-economic projects that have been delivered in multiple locations globally.

Since launching his consultancy business in 2014 and now with Burford Solutions, Bruce has specialised in strategy, growth projects and advisory services, providing input to a diverse range of businesses and clients across many industries, such as:

  • Globally-based financial services, including banking and insurance
  • Telecommunications, including mobile
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Public Sector
  • Private Health
  • Travel
  • Leisure
  • Utilities/Energy
  • Automotive
  • Charities
Ken Maynard
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A specialist in the broad areas of credit and customer management, Ken is an experienced consultant and advisor to a wide range of businesses and sectors. Having worked extensively in the UK and Europe in commercial and consumer financial services, including banking, building societies, finance houses and private equity, Ken brings a wealth of skills and expertise to Burford Solutions and our clients, including his particular interest in strategy, restructuring and developing businesses. Having previously been the CEO of a major, award-winning financial group and a former director of the Credit Services Association (CSA), as well as founder of the Debt Buyers and Sellers Group and a member of sector think tanks, Ken’s experience in financial services and business transformation has seen him take on many advisory roles in recent years.

A renowned industry speaker on a range of financial areas, Ken offers his specialist skills to clients with services including:

Customer service and collection management services

Assisting businesses with their strategic and operational goals in managing customers. This includes assessment and performance reviews and helping with restructuring and improvements to enable best-in-class operational capability, with the aim of facilitating better customer response rates, improved rates of cash collection and the best possible customer journey.

Debt Collections Solutions Review

Helping businesses by reviewing current operating models and policies and coming up with smart approaches that balance maximising collections with the ethical treatment of customers.

Vulnerabilities Strategies Review

Reviewing current methods and organisation in the ways that a business approaches engendering trust and protection of vulnerable customers – both in relation to ongoing day-to-day operations and incident planning. 

Chris Airey
Solutions Architect
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A Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and digital transformation specialist, Chris’ career in directing change, innovation and progress for a wide range of businesses, organisations and institutions has spanned more than two decades. Chris likes to focus on three main areas when helping businesses to transform, which are People, Productivity and Culture. Chris uses his many years of experience in the fields of digital, outsourcing and business process implementation to help clients and BPO providers find their ideal match and move forward in the most effective way possible.

Lyn Weinrich
Business Manager
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With a wide range of experience within the UK, EU and other international settings including India and Australia, Lyn is a skilled professional who has previously worked at Director level in both corporate and health service organisations. Lyn prides herself on delivering outstanding business support and uses her strong communication skills, ability to balance and prioritise changing workloads and flexible working approach to help keep the wheels turning smoothly at all times at Burford Solutions. Having previously worked for companies such as General Electric, Lloyds Bank, Great Universal Stores, Vertex Data Science, Capita and CGI, Lyn now provides support to the Board, client relationships and manages the Burford Solutions business office. 

Our Values


We love what we do, accepting that nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. Aligning our passion to your objectives generates the spark for achievement.


Behind every great performance is a dedicated team of individuals whose pursuit of excellence sits at the heart of sustainable success which can be measured against your competition. 


We build our partnerships on integrity, transparency and trust.  In today’s world, collaboration is critical to the difference between success or failure.  

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