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About us

The Burford Way

We are a team of talented individuals with complementary specialisms who are all passionate about and dedicated to outsourcing excellence and business transformation. With more than 100 years of combined experience in the Global Outsourcing Industry, we’re a practical and hands-on team who share common values and understand what it takes to identify opportunities that will drive your business forwards. 

We believe in a fully collaborative approach, so will work closely with your business to fully outline our recommendations and implementation plan, providing guidance and advice at every step to ensure the required outcomes are met and exceeded. 

Our Team

Let us introduce you to our fabulous team.

Bruce MacLeod
Director - Commercial
Chris Airey
Director - Solutions
Lyn Weinrich
Business Manager

Our Values


We love what we do, accepting that nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. Aligning our passion to your objectives generates the spark for achievement.


Behind every great performance is a dedicated team of individuals whose pursuit of excellence sits at the heart of sustainable success which can be measured against your competition. 


We build our partnerships on integrity, transparency and trust.  In today’s world, collaboration is critical to the difference between success or failure.  

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    The Transition Governance Framework


    Problem Structuring

    Shared sense of urgency

    Guiding Visions






    Institutional & structural changes

    New networks/ coalitions


    Breaking through actions,

    projects & initiatives,

    new organisations