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Du-engage – A Digital Customer Engagement Tool 

Du-engage is an innovative software tool with extreme flexibility, which enables high volume, low cost-effective engagement between account holders and their customers. In late 2022, Du-engage ran a pilot project with a major city in South Africa involving 8,000 accounts that were significantly overdue. The first campaign achieved a 91% engagement rate and recovered an additional £2.8M in the first month.

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The ‘engagement’ comes from the facility to deliver a configurable range of ‘action options’ directly from the message to the recipient. 

Examples could be anything from: 

“Signup to a Shareholders’ event” through to “Pay your bill today and receive a 5% discount” or even, “Schedule a call back at a time that works for you”. 

The platform is extremely flexible and simple to use and, in a few straightforward steps, you can set up contact campaigns designed to reach anywhere from single figure recipients to a million plus customers. 

Using an Avatar, a message is delivered which explains options that have been selected to offer immediate resolution for your customer. The 24/7 accessibility gives the recipient of the message the ability to read and respond at a time that works for them. The customer experience improves as you give them Options Without Effort.

Digital Medium 

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, research shows that many people prefer messaging and online communication to using voice channels. Even many millennials are not keen to use the telephone unless it is their choice to instigate the contact. 

Using a digital text medium is more effective than others because 98% of customers read a text within a few minutes. Imagine if this message then gave the customer the immediate facility to resolve their issue by offering a number of easy-to-respond-to options. 

Our Du-engage software can also be easily linked to account holders’ existing customer management software, or it can be outsourced to be managed by our expert team. 

We do not handle any of your money. Du-engage can link directly to your customer payment provider. Customers use your platform, and the funds are paid directly to your bank account. 

Why do clients value the Du-engage platform?

It is flexible – easy to configure with tailored messages delivered by selected Avatars with options for resolution.

It is simple to use

It is low cost

It enables quick contact and response from many customers who do not require calls, or who do not respond to calls. 

Our simple five-step setup process

Our five steps to creating maximum contact, while reducing your costs for collecting outstanding payments, is extremely quick and easy: 

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