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Outsourcer Selection

Let us remove the complexities of selecting an outsourcing partner.   Our tried and tested selection methodology will simplify and accelerate your approach to identifying the best outsourcing partner for your requirements.  We cover all major outsourcing functions and our extensive network could open your doors to a myriad of commercially beneficial services – suiting a whole range of companies from SME to the larger corporations.

Off-Shoring Alternatives

In addition to identifying UK partners we also provide practical assistance to the selection of global delivery partners.  These companies can deliver high quality services whilst at the same time capturing labour arbitrage benefits.  Often companies will see the off-shoring option as a “silver bullet” to secure cost benefits in isolation.  In reality, our expertise will help you to understand and more fully appreciate what can and cannot be successfully off-shored by location.  This critical aspect can easily be overlooked, resulting in the detrimental effect to the customer experience with the associated damage to the brand.

Operational Health-checks
How do you assess the current performance of your Operational delivery?
We are able to provide an independent healthcheck both from a commercial and operational perspective with a recommendation report of actions for your consideration.  We prefer to execute the plan in collaboration with your business to ensure the outcomes we have identified can be realised and integrated into the operational DNA, thereby securing sustainable longer term benefits.
Buyer Perspectives
How often do you assess your Proposals from the potential client’s viewpoint?
When preparing Proposals to win business there is great benefit in assessing the impact your document will have on the recipient.  By placing yourself in their shoes you can often strengthen your chances of success.  We provide a Buyer’s Perspective expertise based on extensive knowledge of having been on the other side of the table when buying services.
Digital & Technology Health-checks
We all know what it is like, digital & technology moves so fast and there are so many options it is hard to know what is worth investing in, who to trust and which solutions will make the right difference in your situation and with your business strategy.
Whether you are looking for validation audit of your approach, support with a project or a new innovative approach we will give you pragmatic answers.
Compliance & Quality Assurance
Whilst often an afterthought, your Quality Management System and in particular how you learn about customer sentiment or assure compliance is a vital aspect of keeping your business on the road to ongoing success.
We will audit your ratios and intelligence in monitoring the right things in your business. Additionally, we have an approach that can monitor 100% of your calls & other interactions so it smartly identifies the areas of risk and customer experience for further investigation.

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